January 2020

LSFO max 0.5%

With the implementation of the new IMO regulations on sul caps for fuel oils Deutsche Maxcom has successfully positioned itself in the local Hamburg market with product sourced from
Holborn refinery. Typical specs can be seen in the Download section.


Since mid 2019 Maxcom Energy through its afiliate Delta Energy is involved in the supply and trade of LNG for heavy duty vehicles and industriel sites
In December Delta Energy finished works on their first LNG station in Trento (Northern Italy) and on January 16 loaded their first LNG trailer in Rotterdam.
A second station is planned near Rome and is due to be ready towards the end of this year.

October 2019

LSFO supply in Hamburg

With immediate effect Maxcom will supply a max 0.5% sul fueloil out of the port of Hamburg.



Deutsche Maxcom GmbH was founded in January 2009 in line with expansion plans FIN GO & Fuel which is the holding of the Maxcom Group of companies.


Its main focus is the sale of marine fuels to the shipping industry. The grades offered consist of low sulphur fuel 380cst as well as MGO DMA 0.1% sul. The fuel is sourced from a local Hamburg refinery. All our products are in conformity with Marpol 73/78 Annex VI ISO:2010.


Harbour barges as well as seagoing tankers are sourced from well established German operators to serve our supplies in Hamburg, Elbeports, Weserports, Emden and Wilhelmshaven.


As part of the Maxcom Group of Companies we are happy to offer our service as a world wide bunker trader.

MAXCOM worldwide

Deutsche Maxcom GmbH is controlled 100% by holding Fin Go & Fuel S.p.A.
The group is involved in various fields of the Oil business of which

Maxcom Petroli ( takes care of
1. Wholesale and retail of oil products
2. Aviation fuels

Bunker Energy ( is responsible for the sale of marine fuels through its dedicated storages at Augusta, Genoa and Venice to serve the Italian market.

Further strongholds are supplies in:
1. The Suezcanal as member of the bunker committee
2. West Africa – particulary in Cameroun and Ivory Coast
3. North Africa – Libya – Algeria and Tunisia
4. East Africa – Djibouti

Of course the skilled staff will take care of your worldwide bunker enquiries.


For your convenience you will find our download options below.
Currently we provide the valid MSDS for our fuel in Hamburg as well as Deutsche Maxcom Terms and Conditions and the new specs for LSFO.


Malte J. Ehmcke

Deutsche Maxcom GmbH
Langenstücken 36
22393 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 60097-473/652
Fax. +49 40 60097-278